Welcome to my blog. I’ll have you know that I am extremely excited to be launching what has been a forever project for me. It took real commitment and passion to create a brand-new space of my own that I could feed with content that I’m proud and excited to share.

Some of you may know that I used to write my articles for what I’d like to call a “rented” platform. It was not my own space and my writings were subject to so much editing and scrutiny that my pieces did not fully reflect me when they were published. That was a warning sign.

“The first sign of disintegration — in a writer — is that the writing loses the unique stamp of his/her character, & loses its inner light.” – Ted Hughes

However, it was a great experience and I’m glad to have started that way as I got to really practice on writing and editing my pieces until they were publish-ready. My writing was challenged in so many ways that now it’s hopefully stronger and easier to read. Now, I’m excited to have my own platform where my insights are truly mine and reflect me completely.

I wish you a great stay as you view my different posts and await new ones! Subscribe here to be notified with new posts.

With love,