Weekend Getaway at a Luxury Hotel

Hello Readers

Since Summer is coming to an end, I thought what better way to seal the summer memories away than to go for a weekend getaway at a gorgeous hotel (in my own State!). It promises stunning sea view rooms and only the most luxurious facilities from their outdoor pool to their “Fabulous Breakfast” as graded by Booking.com as well as a “one day” membership to the beach. Needless to say, I was sold! So we packed our little carry on and off we went on our summer finale weekend.

The breakfast realllly was fabulous! It had the most extensive variety as you can see in the photos. There even was an egg station with a lovely man making omelettes of your choice of combination. Winner! I was so excited about everything and really, the most spontaneous plans are always the best. We ended up lovvving our stay so much as it was exactly as promised. All the facilities were modern, even the lights were touch-sensor (though definitely not the easiest to get used to at first)… Nonetheless it was modern luxury goals. The views from the room were truly mesmerizing and we were luckily just in time for the sunrise so I made sure to take as many photos to catch the best one. Funnily, we brought along the biography movie “Woman in Gold” starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds which was actually incredible, I would highly recommend it for a family night viewing. (Our first choice was Deadpool but we passed… I’m very into true story films). I think it’s really fun to watch a good movie in a hotel room, as you will always remember the movie… Just like you remember every movie you’ve watched on a long flight. :). Overall, our plan to score a good weekend proved very successful. But now it’s officially time to say… Goodbye summer.

Here are some of the photos I took, enjoy!

The hanging wire is ours! We hooked an HDMI to our little tablet.

With love,