The Fruit and Veggie Market


For someone who rarely goes to street markets, I was pretty excited about this local fruit and vegetable market. Stacks of exotic fruits piled the surfaces of each vendor and all the colors were just screaming at me… My camera just loved the opportunity to take it all in. The different vendors marketed their products, promising they were fresh each time. They even had raw honey which I was sure to get. Yet the most exciting for me were the avocados and cherry tomatoes. Already, I was dreaming about an avocado-egg breakfast. Conveniently, we didn’t have to carry all of our heavy purchases since a kind man with a huge cart followed us around and collected everything we picked – it just made the process that much more effortless and easy. Also, the prices were very competitive which I can see is what makes this place even more appealing. I am very likely to make another trip very soon.

With love,