You are a Successor, Live Like a Revolutionary One

The struggles of our ancestors should be the source of our leap to change and progression. 

In the modern days and in changing times, we believe that we are living in an evolutionary world so advanced like never before. We assimilate ourselves to this new and changing world and we go about our lives not really giving much thought or attention to the fact that the very ground we walk over was home to millions before us who were all part of the evolution we are here to experience. Instead, we are consumed with ourselves, busy thinking about what other people are thinking of us and our stretch of care only extends to our family and friends. So busy in our minds that we are unaware of the world, unaware of the hunter-gatherers, tradesmen, war victims, and all the revolutionary people and extraordinary civilizations whose lifestyle, struggles and accomplishments gave birth to our cultures and way of life and sparked the evolution process in great terms. Think of the likes of Gandhi, Anne Frank, Martin Luther King and of course, the great messengers of God.

My aim is not to burden you, dear reader, with an idea that you have some mission in life that you’re about to discover. On the contrary, I would like to transfer my perspective to you. I too have approached life only concerned with my time, worrying very little about history in a very derogatory “Why does it matter! It’s behind us!” kind of way. I thought the stories of my ancestors were at most interesting like they were an expensive piece of art waiting for my approval.  Never have I thought that understanding history and allowing it to impact me will change my view of life and help me discover my social responsibility a.k.a my real role towards the outward society. I realized that I mustn’t live my life as though I am only here to experience what only concerns myself like I have no role in the evolution process that is spinning faster than we can imagine.

What could possibly be wrong with thinking and living only for the sake of ourselves, our families, our jobs?

While we sit back, so absorbed in our lives, we fail to integrate with our societies and miss the chance to make a change. Simply. you are one less person in charge, letting the world be occupied with tyrants. I know, you’re right, that sounds like an overreach. But how many times do we hear of a head of state indulging in a spree of human-rights violations? Or yet another undertaking of a forest destruction? How many times have you witnessed masses of waste dumped in sea? How many men, women, and children are dying in war-torn countries? Are all these inhumane acts of regression that unstoppable? In our time, unnamed war has erupted and only those in charge have the say of destiny that changes the lives of hundreds of thousands and millions of people. To quote accuracy, those were the exact words of the 46th president of the United States on the date of his inauguration, Together we will determine the course of America and the world, for many, many years to come. Doesn’t that sound more frightening than riveting? Especially when it comes from yours truly. As a successor, your voice and remembrance of the embraces that took place in history by prominent leaders are the powerful tools that could spark beautiful change in this world. You must not let the world decay in the hands of decision-makers who have the power to negatively alter the course of the world. You shouldn’t live to see thousands of people marching in protest to an ineligible president, a barbaric dictator in the name of democracy, a barbaric dictator in his dictatorship, an environmental crisis or a health-care insufficiency. Speak your rights. Make a change. Learn from unsatisfied, revolutionary marchers. It’s the spirit of unity that connects us to our ancestors who fought for their rights, fought for equality and justice, fought for education, for religion and for their children’s future.

Remember there are people who lived before you. Feel grateful, proud and inspired to continue their footsteps.

Simply speaking, a great African-American, Shonda Rhimes, with Rosa Parks in mind who fought for equality- felt it was her mission to pursue her dream of being a show writer and be part of revolutionizing the television industry which was populated by whites and dominated by males. She did not march. She did not cry for help. She created the change herself. As a female and an African-American, she chose diversity and equality and produced three successful shows that aired to millions, featuring African-American actors. She portrayed people in real life in her shows. She diversified TV, and in her words, she “normalized” TV,

“I am making TV look like the world looks”

She did not treat her success and well-paying job as though it was her only goal. She felt she had another purpose- to inspire people and continue the strive for equality. She lived as a successor with Rosa Parks in mind whose stance was not to be interrupted. Like Shonda, you should be mindful of the sacrifices borne by your ancestors. 

It’s not easy or straightforward, but as successors, we must strive to be decision-makers who will have a positive and influential impact in this world. This does not mean you have to change the course of your life to be a politician or a president. The idea is to engage in a purposeful life, to leave a powerful and positive impact. You may run for parliament or be elected a minister, all power to you. But this will not be everyone’s approach as we all have a different stance in the kind of change we wish to make. We are here on this earth to aid the continuity of this world, to see the greater picture. We must not, even for a minute, pretend we are only here for ourselves.