My trip to: Prague, The Heart of Europe

Hello readers

This is definitely going to be my favorite post of this month because it just happened that I went to a city I never knew I’d love so much. I only spent a few days in Prague but it was enough for me to falllll in love with it. I can say that because I’ve later gone to Vienna and Budapest and nothing compares. This city has beautiful vibes, it’s like it’s almost made for people to come and get to know it. Wherever you go, you’re going to have a good time and you’ll see how everyone else is too! Lots to do, lots to see, you and your camera will never forget this treasure in the heart of Europe. Whether you spend your day in Wenceslas Square or your night at St. Charles Bridge, I promise it will be worth your while. My trip consisted of strolling around the city, admiring the architecture, boat and road city tours, visiting the popular landmarks (minus the Prague Castle unfortunately!) and of course, some very affordable shopping #SaleSeason.

Enjoy the photos!

Do you believe me now?

With love,