The Power of Your Interests

Our interests lead us to the future we want, so shouldn’t we have good interests? I believe that who or what we’re inspired by in some way has an impact on where we’re heading in life. 

All your experiences and everything that enters into your life depend upon the quality of the mental building blocks that accumulate in your mind. The recipe for happiness is just that, it’s a recipe – a process. Like a home being constructed, the state of your life is nourished by your thoughts and desires, they are the substance that causes outcome to sprout. If your mental building blocks are full of invaluable things, things that don’t spark a feeling of proudness and don’t lead you to accomplish anything meaningful to you, you are limiting the growth that can potentially happen if you allowed better ingredients in this process.

Interests develop from desires. A dream of who we want to be.  

This is how it works.

Who we are is an accumulation of desires, hopes, ambitions, dreams, and affections that we have. But where do these come from?

On an average day, you will scroll down your Instagram feed and use the new feature where you can save some photos you liked or was inspired by in some way. It’s very easy to dictate what you like through photos. A new way of doing your hair, a book recommended by Emma Roberts, a sweet location in Rome or a quote that you can really relate to. Very likely, it could be something you want to purchase. After all, products and services are marketed to us everywhere online. When these things compile, you have a custom collection of things that dictate your likes and interests. The things we like or are attracted to are stored somewhere in our subconscious. Even if we are not aware of it, we begin gravitating towards these substances because our minds are secretly wandering off searching for them. You’re not going to magically appear in Italy, sadly, but when the opportunity arises, you will know how just how badly you want to go. It’s like when people say, “New York is my dream place to visit”, a desire that probably developed for a long time either from books or movies, other people’s photos, someone’s recommendation or what have you. Instagram is only a tiny fraction in this process.

Everywhere you go, whoever you meet and all the obstacles in between, allow or prevent you from discovering who you want to become as a person, what you want to do with your life essentially. When you manage to discover that person, create beliefs surrounding this type of character, it is very likely that you can grow to be that person. You become this person by listening to your ambitions and heading towards them. When you don’t actively pursue your interests and desires, you are interrupting the force of your subconscious mind which is already buckled up and prepared for the journey.

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” – Earl Nightingale 

With what we like becomes standards. What we like turns into standards, expectations that you create for yourself. If someone asked you where you would love to spend your dream holiday, chances are you already know the answer. Your perception of a perfect vacation is a reflection of your standards and what you’d wish for yourself. You have certain expectations when it comes to this dream vacation. It must be tropical. A resort instead of a hotel. You wish to attain these things you imagine in a dream vacation. If you’re shopping for a perfume, you have some fixed criteria. Not too strong, not too sweet, durable, maybe unique. The perfume bottle itself could be subject to this criteria. The same applies to our friendships and relationships. We all have a vision of what a beautiful relationship looks and feels like. The reason you prefer certain things is a very complicated thing, and I am by no means a psychologist. Yet the way our interests and desires manifest into our life and create a life for us fascinates me. When we like something, we want it. If we think pursuing it is possible, we will do it.  It’s much greater than just liking the color blue or enjoying spicy food. When it comes down to who we want to be, how we would like to feel about ourselves, the things we want to attain, our interests and standards play a powerful role in this process. It’s who we are, whether we approve of the things we like or not.

According to psychologist Paul Bloom, we like the things we like because of how we feel about them and what we think they mean. If you like flowers, it’s not the plant you’re fascinated by but rather how you feel about flowers. They smell good, and good-smelling things are usually pleasurable. You imagine a bouquet of flowers on your counter table or nightstand and the feeling of having pretty, good-smelling flowers makes you feel good. Suddenly you want to be a person who buys flowers often and puts them in nice vases. Bloom says it’s also about the luxury, explaining that if we believe something is expensive we will like it more. In terms of who we like, he believes it is critically about who we think this person is. If you see Oprah on the street and get excited about it, it’s what you know about her that sparks your excitement. Makes sense right? If you later find out that Oprah is actually a murderer who bribed her way out of jail, chances are (if you’re a reasonable person) you will not feel that same rush again. You will cease to admire her.

“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” – Fabienne Fredrickson

The power your interests have over you is undeniable. You cannot escape your standards and the person you would like to become. But you can dictate whether you are going to become that person or not. As I mentioned, even if you are not actively and mindfully pursuing your interests, you are gravitating towards them thanks to your subconscious mind. Yet you mustn’t forget that you are part of the process. The Law of Attraction or whatever you want to call it is not going to enchant you and lock you up and get on with its work. Nobody greater than you has that force that can create or alter your path. If your subconscious mind is doing its own thing, be in charge of your conscious mind. The things you do and say reflect who you are so you should be mindful about the character you let out. Are you the person you want to become? Your interests and what you’re inspired by can affect your decisions, career path, relationships and overall purpose in life. It is your duty to cater your choices to the life you wish for yourself. If you wish to be an entrepreneur, you cannot really become one without ever knowing how a business should be operated and what that requires. If you want to be a good cook, it doesn’t happen by just watching Youtube videos without ever stepping foot into a kitchen. You’ve got to drag yourself past the wanting stage into the doing stage. Cliché? Absolutely! But that doesn’t even matter because it’s true. When you start, you might not even necessarily be successful, you’ll just be doing what you enjoy. Then, you’ll have to take it up a notch with hard work, vocation, and persistence. Always pursue the person you want to become instead of spending day after day trapped in a person you are not proud of.

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