My Picks for the Perfect School/Uni/Work Bag

Hello Readers!

Since school has started, I thought it would be perfect to go bag shopping online, as I always a prefer a larger selection (better sales as well!). My picks range in prices, but I purposefully did not pick any high-end pieces as I know making a big splurge is a very particular matter, and not many would want to rock designers for every day, anyway. After hunting online for a while, I found a few items from totes to backpacks that can cater to different styles and preferences. Enjoy!

  1. Dusty pink backpack by French Connection $75.80 

    This stylish backpack is perfect for those final high school years, light uni days, or for all year round if you already prefer carrying heavy books in your hand. Alternatively, if you work in a casual setting and not bound to carry a suitcase every day, this pick would be both pretty and comfortable. (On Sale now, was $134.22)















2. Tan Leather Tote Bag by Leather Satchel $145.28

A bit on the pricier side (yet still discounted), this number is for those hefty days where you’d like to pack the world with you. It’s a stunning structured tote, ideal for all school, work and uni.














3. Lottie Colorblock Tote by Guess $127

A bright bag is just what you need to set you off in a good mood for your 8 AM class or day job. Pretty roomy, this Guess bag is both functional and stylish and even more conveniently, it has a removable pouch for those items you don’t want lost in the floor of your bag. If this one isn’t your style, don’t worry! Guess has an extensive tote collection in different sizes, styles, colors and price ranges.














4. Tan Dufflebag by Claudia Canova $47.37

My personal favorite, this matte leather dufflebag is just what I need for my uni days, all year round. It’s so versatile, it can be worn as a backpack, shoulder bag or by the top handles. I often have to carry a lot of heavy law books so the back straps are perfect. It’s simple but also classic that it will go with everything.













5. Blue Metallic Backpack by Claudia Canova $70.98

If that Guess bag wasn’t bright enough, this metallic number will be your thing. I totally got to know this brand from Asos,  so I decided to check out the selections on their website. Their backpacks really caught my attention, but this blue was my favorite (it also comes in orange). The pink lining is everything! Very trendy, roomy and comfortable, it makes for the most fun choice.












6. Black backpack by Spring $45.4

A black backpack is never a bad choice. The smooth faux leather gives it a posh look and the front detailing is very sweet and trendy, but not too trendy to stand out in a lecture or work meeting.  







Those were all my picks, I hope you found them to be useful or at least gave you some inspiration for your next bag hunt 🙂

Let me know in the comments which brand or style you like to shop for the perfect everyday bag.

With love,