My Morning at Le Pain Quotidien

It’s a Monday morning, I’m on my Midterm Break, I have nothing to do and so much power to just go outside. I know exactly where I want to head, ever since the night before. I excitedly get dressed for the day and make it my goal to be there no later than 9 A.M to have a proper “morning breakfast”. I am a morning person, firstly, but more importantly, I want to be at Le Pain Quotidien when it’s not busy so I can have a lovely and peaceful start to my day and enjoy the recent change of weather as I sit outside. Besides getting there from a different route, after completely missing the easier route, my morning goes exactly as planned. This is my day, this is my “me time” if you will, and it feels so good to be awake and outside.

Location: The Avenues, Bahrain

Le Pain Quotidien, which translates to “The Daily Bread” is a Belgian-based bakery/restaurant, born in 1990.

They claim the bread is 100 % organic, that many of their food is organic too and that their coffee beans are all the way from Peru. They do breakfast, lunch, dinner, and pastries (as you’ll see in the photos).

I finally take a seat outside and admire my view and take in the subtle warmth in the air. I order a French Toast and 15 minutes later, a latte. Both were incredible, making me excited to try pastries and more treats the next time I visit.

If you notice in the photos, the mug that holds my coffee is actually handle-less. It was so interesting to me when the waiter, Erwin, explained to me why the mugs came without handles. In the past, he says, people would cup their hands around a hot bowl in the cold winter days to feel warm. Thus, the founder decided it would be a good idea to design the mugs this way in favor of that tradition. So really, to be able to drink a steaming hot coffee in this, the coffee wouldn’t actually be as steaming hot, but that’s totally fine by me as I like my coffee more on the warm side anyways. I enjoyed this little story as I enjoyed my amazing latte, but the story is so interesting I had to look it up in hopes for more details on the story. With a quick Google search, I find Le Pain Quotidien’s’ original website.

Luckily, I found what I was looking for. Here’s a snippet directly from their site:

When our founder, Alain Coumont, was a young boy in Belgium, he went to his grandmère’s house every Wednesday afternoon where she greeted him with a small bowl of steaming hot chocolate. Alain cupped his hands around it, letting the warmth seep into his body and chase away winter’s frigid chill.

As a chef, he carried the memory of that warmth to the tables of Le Pain Quotidien. To this day, simple bowls still stir memories of a child’s delight and still carry warmth to our friends. Whether it’s in the form of piping hot chocolate or a café au lait, you’ll receive this same welcome with our wide, round bowls. Hold it in your hands and feel at ease.

Seriously, how cute?! The reason I’m so fascinated by these little details is because I’ve never been somewhere that wasn’t a museum nor a historical site where I learned the backstory behind certain objects, especially not tableware. It’s always heartwarming to know a business is not just a business, but someone’s story.

Overall, I had such a lovely morning, enjoying my breakfast, taking photos, getting to know the staff and even taking a group photo of them (which you’re about to see), and reading a few bits from my recent book to get me inspired for my next stop, the bookshop. This is what I would truly call, a perfect morning.

Enjoy the photos 🙂

Only the most perfect looking muffins #BakeryGoals

More muffins! Eying the blueberry and the chocolate.

No idea what Speculoos is, and if it’s anything similar to a nut butter?

I could totally buy all their jams and breads and recreate this cute bakery at home!

Sweet orange?


What a view 😉

My breakfast! (I made a request that there should be more berries on the side, that’s definitely not enough strawbz!)

My latte in the famous handle-less mugs (bowls?)

Ok, so I had to bring about my book. This is “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins, the book is powerful, look up Mel Robbins and the title, right now! DO IT!

The lovely staff! I had so much fun chatting to them, they seem to really love working here. The chefs are on the left, the manager is on the right.

Okay, here’s the famous Erwin. He’s come to the Bahrain branch, but as a trainee, and has already left to Dubai by the time you read this. He’s an excellent waiter and is actually the man behind all the writings in this place (including the Arabic!). He gives off such great vibes, and I think any other branch would be blessed to have him. He did say it was his dream to have his own restaurant one day, and I promised to be there when that dream comes true! Good luck Erwin.

Amirite? – Written by Erwin

Is it just me, or do bakeries make you super happy too?

Meet Ezriel! He knows all about bread (and many other things I’m sure).

More Bakery Goals.

Absolutely obsessed with the wooden interior. “Snippet from Le Pain Quotidien’s site: Long enough for all to fit and narrow enough for all to talk, our tables are where friends reconnect and new friendships are forged over the shared appreciation of delicious food and good company.”

They have their own cookbook too??

The Avenues, Bahrain

Self explanatory.

From my walk, right after breakfast.


I know, I know!


I really hope you enjoyed this humble coverage of Le Pain Quotidien. I’m so excited to go back and discover their branches abroad.


With love,