Lover’s Rock of Raouché


Location: Pigeons (Lover’s) Rocks in Raouché (Beirut, Lebanon)

It wouldn’t be appropriate to go to Beirut without first and foremost making the time to visit the Lover’s (or Pigeon) Rocks at Raouché. Apart from it being a stunning tourist destination, it is just so full of beautiful energy of people enjoying the day, taking the perfect Instagrams of each other. Many come to tan or casually stroll around, and some private boat owners would come to offer to take us for a very exclusive ride that we will never forget. When we took it all in, we were hungry enough to visit the nearby restaurant (Bay Rock) that had the most surreal view of the Rocks. It is a must-go in Beirut. Their cuisine was between Lebanese and traditional food, but we opted for a salad and a pizza (with a side of mint lemon juice). With a view like that, anything you eat just tastes a whole lot better. It was surely a memorable experience that made both us and our camera very happy. Highly recommend this place and restaurant :).

With love,