The Light Festival, Bahrain Bay

Hello readers

It’s December, and the Ministry of Tourism has got us all booked for their special outdoorsy events. It’s finally time to enjoy the cooler Bahraini weather and avoid the malls! When I heard about the Light Festival, let’s just say I had 0 % expectations. I just thought it would be fun to spend the night outside going somewhere new. Little did I know, the Bahrain Bay district would be lit up with contemporary light fixtures designed by world-famous artists for a mile’s walk. It was a sight to see. The place was packed with bright neon lights, geometric, origami, and all sorts of architectural structures I can’t identify. Locals and tourists filled the place, admiring the modern art and vibrant colors. Food vendors of all sorts were distributed along the walk to make for the perfect experience. Although I didn’t take nearly enough photos (All about being present you know?), I hope you’ll be able to picture the vibes from the photos I did take.


With love,