My Minimalism Journey

Hello, hello x

Recently, I have been admiring the Minimalist culture. So I decided to slowly embark on the journey myself (my self-curated version of it at least).  If you’re new to Minimalism, I’m going to attempt to provide a non-dictionary definition on the concept.

Basically, Minimalism is not a concept, it’s a way of life. Yep we’re getting philosophical here. By being “minimal”, you focus on what really matters in life. You don’t surround yourself or spoil yourself so abundantly with things you don’t necessarily need. To me, minimalism is not owning only a strict number of things, I would say you’re more than free to select what you’ll continue to pride and refuse to let go of and what you would freely give up in the blink of an eye. Yes, minimalism has a lot to do with giving things away and letting things go (things, beliefs, worries, etc.). But there’s no right or wrong way to go about it, so long as you remember that minimalism is a gratitude-centered journey and something you need to continuously work on. By being a minimalist, you are being grateful for what you have and not falling into the trap of being a constant consumer. You are freeing yourself from excess things and thereby excess worries and unwanted energy. By focusing on the good things, you allow opportunities for growth, you focus on what you really care about and you have more time to do the things you really care about until eventually, you are happier, lighter, freer or at least – on your way there.

You can be a minimalist by throwing away all your old CD’s.

You can be a minimalist by sorting out your messiest drawers and cabinets.

You can be a minimalist by eliminating toxic people from your life.

You can be a minimalist by not overthinking and just be doing what feels right.

You can be a minimalist by refusing to ever collect souvenirs.

You can be a minimalist and have the fullest library in the world because you happen to be a dedicated book-nerd.

You can be a minimalist by only remembering to throw away the receipts buried in the floor of your bag.

There’s no judgment in minimalism, you can choose to what extent you are going to be a minimalist. Everyone’s journey is different.

Here are 20 things I’ve been doing ever since I became a self-proclaimed Minimalist:

  1. Having a morning routine to start my day on a positive, productive note

  2. Having a “Spring Cleaning” whenever I feel like it a.k.a. every time I feel my closet is getting out of hand, and donating everything I don’t wear to charity

  3.  Getting rid of excess items on my desk, but not the things I hold dear to me; or are plain useful (picture frames, a candle, my calendar, the current book I’m reading, some pens)

  4. Letting go of old “memories” from my childhood that don’t necessarily add any joy to my life

  5. Routinely backing up my phone’s gallery files into my laptop

  6. Deleting old chats from Whatsapp

  7. Reducing my following count on Instagram to mitigate (I know, I’m such a law student) the noise

  8. Turning off all the notification blinkers on my phone + switching off all the notification bells

  9. Unsubscribing to useless email subscriptions (especially for online stores)

  10. Not consuming much social media in my day, and sticking to a few social media outlets I prefer

  11. Designating a bag for all the plastic bottles I am to recycle

  12. Not caring what others think about me to focus on things that matter

  13. Limiting my shopping urges to once or twice a month (to me, that’s progress)

  14. Saving money (to reward myself with things/experiences that are valuable to me)

  15. Not having the urge to always expand my social circle, my friends and family are enough and whoever I meet along the way is more than welcome

  16. Having a printer, using a lot of paper because this is what is required from my studies, and subsequently making an effort to recycle all the waste paper

  17. Having a lot of color in my wardrobe because colors make me happy (you don’t have to own all B&W to be a minimalist)

  18. Going to the grocery store with a list to avoid packing every aisle into my cart

  19. Fantasizing about living in a small home that fits me and my partner just right

  20. Not watching TV? I think I scored this one without trying

I believe that with time, I’ll find ways to better my practice and become more grateful and mindful of my life. I introduced minimalism as a core value in my life, and intend on keeping it that way. I don’t need so much clutter in my head or my physical space that distracts me from what truly matters to me.

I hope this post inspired you.

With love,