Gala of St. Petersburg’s Ballet

I love culture. Take me to a city full of natives and tourists, and tell me something I don’t know. The opportunity to do something I’ve never done or to experience something for the first time always gets me excited. This is why it made me truly happy to spend my Thursday night at this gorgeous theatre so see these beautiful and talented ballet stars twirl around the stage, tip toe away and come back for another act looking just as lovely and performing without a single flaw. Al though it wasn’t my first time at a ballet show, each time I’m left with a different impression and smiling at the whole experience.

I must give credit to this venue. It is really more beautiful than it looks, designed by a French company, Architecture-studios. To get all factual here, it is one of the largest theaters in the Arab World, the third largest opera house in the Middle East after the Cairo Opera House in Egypt and the Royal Opera House Muscat in Oman. It hosted numerous events and shows all at an international level. This performance was nothing short to brilliant. I love to see great talent and try to understand it. With these ballet stars, I can truly tell they’ve been practicing for at least a decade. You can’t just be this flexible, lean, and feminine, making art seem effortless. I can imagine them going to ballet schools ever since they were little, not really realizing they’d be international performers traveling all around the world to share the beauty of their art. They all come from Russia, from prominent ballet schools like Mariinsky Theatre and Mikhailovsky Theatre. I can’t wait for another cultural and sophisticated experience like this 🙂

With love,