Wednesday Morning at The Florist’s Daughter Café

Hi lovelies x

Welcome to a long-overdue breakfast post featuring a stunning café. I need to do more of these because I absolutely love them! I’m a breakfast person at heart and I definitely need to try new places more often.

So it’s the first day after the Eid break and I am feeling too ambitious to go back to routine so of course, I do not hesitate to skip uni with my friend and go for a breakfast date instead (you know… for fear of being the victims of an empty classroom… it’s always how it is after Eid!) The Florist’s Daughter was our first choice – a new café we’ve been waiting to try every since we heard about it.

As you approach the lavender-themed café, fresh flowers guide you into the chic restaurant of opulent decor. Modern and picture perfect, especially in the day time – you’re guaranteed to enjoy the delicacy of a beautiful meal. A quick glance at their diverse menu got me immediately excited. I knew (after the due diligence of stalking the café’s Instagram), that I wanted avocado on toast (served with poached eggs, pomegranate seeds, feta and drizzled with pomegranate molasses) as my tangy-savory option. For something sweet, my friend and I opted for Ricotta Hotcake on the Menu, a berry pancake that was just the right amount of sweet. Both meals were incredibly delicious I was impressed. For drinks, I ordered a latte with my whatisrawrote logo on top (latte art is really cool!). I find that I always go for a warm latte when I’m out even though I’m normally an iced-coffee kind of person at home. We enjoyed our breakfast over Eid chats and uni talks, acknowledging our breakfast date success. Let’s just say there’s nothing more perfect than going somewhere that celebrates breakfast, flowers and coffee all in one place- the ultimate girl’s day trio!

Not to bore you with too many details that you can enjoy yourself, I urge you to scroll down! xx

“Growing up between fragrant peonies, colorful hydrangeas and lilies, the florist’s daughter has always felt her father’s flower shop was a haven of wild flowers. Since it’s opening in 1952, the flower shop was a symbol of beauty within its community. Today, The Florist’s Daughter is an ode to her late father in which she set out to display the same eclectic selection of food as her dad did with flowers. While offering a selection of international food, the florist operations continue to operate as a tribute to the father’s historical works.” – The Florist’s Daughter 

What is your favorite breakfast place? Let me know in the comments.

With love,