Florence La Maison

Location: Florence La Maison Méditerranéenne in Adliya, Bahrain.

This place made a midweek family dinner that much more special, it absolutely feels just like it looks. I enjoyed the dimmed lighting with the rare spring weather as I took in the cozy vibes. I tried their pizzas – the beef feta, pepperoni, and the vegetarian. Of course, the vegetarian definitely won for me and how can it not! Zucchini? feta? and pomegranate? (In the photo) I commend their choice of combination. I truly recommend this place, whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor setting (the balcony – also in the photo, looks pretty lovely). The attention to detail is incredible, very boho-European… Is there such a thing? That’s how I would describe it.

With love,



  • It looks lovely, without saying 🙂

    • Isra

      Thank you!

  • Absolutely fabulous.
    Again your pictures are so pretty.
    Happy Weekend. Love, Esther

    • Isra

      Thank you so much 🙂 Have a lovely day x

  • Yana

    Pretty place. That pizza looks delicious!
    Cool post.. 🙂


    • Isra

      Thank you! 🙂