About the Author (I really just wanted to call myself that)

I feel tempted to cram a dozen random facts about myself in this section but I can imagine that would be a very pretentious thing to do. So I will just stick to sharing a few things about myself.

By now, you obviously know that I love to write. Writing is my medium of expression, it always has been. I enjoy gathering my thoughts and crafting pieces out of them. I also love to think. A lot. I’m also painfully self-aware which means I tend to overthink. Thinking has fortunately helped with my writing while overthinking has done the exact opposite. What if my writing is absurd and horrible and leads many people astray into the wraths of ignorance?! My overthinking brain warned each time I endeavored in a writing task. What a pain.

Besides my love for writing and the fact that I’m a self-tormenting perfectionist, I would say that the following are my primary passions in life: books, stoic philosophy, minimalism, photography, the environment, clean eating and travelling.

I’d also like you to know that my 9-5 comprises my office job as a lawyer, which I love. When I am not serving people with legal notices, I like to contemplate about human existance and spend time with my loved ones.

That’s me in 2 minutes. Enjoy your stay at WhatIsraWrote.