50 Things not to Complain about Today

As you read this list, you’ll realize that at least more than half of, you complain about (regularly) without even realizing it. What you don’t know is, complaining releases negative energy that passes on to others and once they absorb it, they too will pass it on, creating an endless negative cycle that is enough to fuel discouragement, laziness and overall unhappiness, as well as other not so exciting emotions that are likely to drag on throughout the day. The more you complain, the more it becomes a standard habit that your brain is completely used it, it becomes part of your behavior.

Negative energy manifests in many different ways, in that your morning complain about how your partner always forgets to buy milk is likely to lead your significant other to drive off to work just as irritated as you and will likely find other reasons to make him personally upset. In psychological terms, this is known as neuronal mirroring”, we mimick what others do. There are other ways to deal with negative situations, without taking it personally, dwelling in it and becoming the Negative Nancy no one likes to be around, like remembering to be grateful. Just because your family and friends are understanding does not mean they are not directly or indirectly affected by your bad vibes so in a way, you are personally responsible for the energy you let out. We are all Negative Nancys’ at some point but we don’t have to be, especially when we realize how a single small act can inversely affect others. Surely, everybody complains about different things, but I thought it would be fun to compile a bunch of (very random) common things many of us complain about on a daily basis. See if you can try to hold yourself back from complaining about any of them today until it becomes an easy habit that slowly changes your life.

Here are 50 things not to complain about today:

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.” – Maya Angelou

  1. How hot the weather is
  2. How cold the weather is
  3. How cold your breakfast became
  4. How you ran out of milk (it really is a big one!)
  5. How you forgot something
  6. How you’re late
  7. How you’re always late
  8. How someone forgot to do what you told them to do
  9. How demanding your boss is
  10. How your teacher/professor is horrible at teaching a.k.a their job!
  11. How your friend is always the one that cancels
  12. How noisy your neighbors are
  13. How you honestly can’t believe how this person likes that movie (Twilight, really?!)
  14. How this class majorly dropped your GPA
  15. How your loved one won’t pick up the phone
  16. How you forgot to leave the house early to fill up your tank
  17. How your shoes got dirty
  18. How your phone has low battery
  19. How your parents are embarrassing at technology
  20. How your infant/toddler/child won’t go to sleep
  21. How you can’t fall asleep
  22. How you didn’t get enough sleep
  23. How your significant other didn’t do the dishes
  24. How bad your car smells
  25. How your mom put tomatoes in the pasta (when you’ve already told her dozen times before not to!)
  26. How your makeup is not on point
  27. How you don’t have anything to wear
  28. How your hair is a mess
  29. How your jeans won’t fit
  30. How horrible your flu is
  31. How horrible your headache is
  32. How naggy your younger sibling is
  33. How expensive that restaurant is
  34. How hard it is to stay on a diet
  35. How you didn’t have time to go to the gym
  36. How your shirt got pizza sauce (recurring them about things getting dirty, eh?)
  37. How the queue is too long
  38. How you didn’t get enough comments on your latest post
  39. How your sister forgot to return your good shampoo
  40. How you don’t like the food
  41. How you’re broke
  42. How you can’t afford this sweater or that vacation
  43. How you’re so bad at saving
  44. How you look “so bad” today
  45. How you like pizza, but not from THIS restaurant
  46. How you can’t commit to the gym
  47. How empty the fridge is
  48. How you are never satisfied with your body
  49. How your pimply abruptly and very rudely popped up (the day before your big presentation, of course!)
  50. How you can’t stand when others complain…

There are sometimes very valid reasons to be upset, but often being upset will not get us anywhere, especially in the minute we are upset. And let’s face it, sometimes we just exaggerate! Or we feel like complaining will allow us to bond with someone who might feel the same way, yet it’s no good for any of you to bond over energy that drains you. Instead of complaining, how about taking a long, hearty deeeeep breath and clicking a hypothetical refresh button somewhere in your body (or do it in your mind… Nobody has to know you’re weird). There are things we can change, like committing to preparing our outfit the night before to avoid getting rushed in the morning, but there are the other major things, like your boss or the weather or the traffic that we simply cannot change (unless of course, you quit your job, change countries and fly!)… So why bother allow the situation to take over you and your entire momentary existence when you can simply let go, breathe, and move forward. Call in another emotion, like gratitude. It could very well eliminate all the bad things you feel right now. It’s what’s best for you, and everyone else around you. Remember, it’s not the end of the world.

Which one did you relate to the most? Let me know in the comments!

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