I’m a 20-year-old aspiring author, photography enthusiast and law student just majorly curious about the world.

In WhatIsraWrote, you will find blogposts featuring my own photography and articles that reflect my opinions.

In case you’re really curious, here’s how I feel about writing…

When I write, I feel like I am in my own company. All parts of my brain are employees at this business. One employee has to be creative. The other has to be motivated to write. The other has to actually write. Another has to do all the research. Collectively, we are a team. I’m the boss, the mastermind, the executor, the director but all these parts of my brain, after a good meeting to commence an idea for a piece, get to work and do what they do best. This is the process of me sharing. After the piece is complete and has suffered wear and tear from countless editing sprees until it is as perfect as I want it to be, I become the marketing director. I make designs out of my piece title and launch it into the world (or, not to be dramatic – to different social media platforms). I share it here and there, I wait for traffic to approach my website and I enjoy all the comments and feedback that flow afterward. It’s all very rewarding, intellectual and enjoyable.